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clinic_picWelling Homeopathy Clinic is the world leader in speciality Homeopathy Treatment. With satisfied patients from over 72 countries, our patients grade us, as the best Homeopathic clinic, they have visited.

At Welling Homeopathic Clinic, we have developed our own Homeopathic treatment protocols that are proven and verified repeatedly at our Homeopathy clinics in Mumbai. As an award winning Homeopathic clinic, you and your family are always in the most trusted and safe hands when getting treated through the doctors at Welling Homeopathy Treatment Clinic.

About us

Our Promise

We promise you that you will experience a Homeopathic treatment that is far better than any other treatment you have experienced, including other Homeopathic treatments, all thanks to our continuous research, immensely dedicated team of Homeopaths and proven treatment protocols.

We Deliver Cure

We believe in only one mantra, CURE TO YOU AT THE EARLIEST through our continuous pursuit of excellence in delivering our speciality Homeopathic treatment protocol. Our vast experience in treating the most complex illnesses is unmatched by any stand-alone homeopathic clinic.

The Homeopathic Specialist

We believe in our Homeopathic treatment and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your family as much as you do, which is why we offer the best homeopathic treatment option for you and your family. Unlike other Homeopathic Clinic brands, we are dedicated Homeopathic speciality treatment clinic. You can count on us

1000’s of Satisfied Patients

  • After 16th months of my treatment for Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome, my wife conceived in the month of October 2012. Currently she is doing very well and in her 4th month of pregnancy. All thanks to Homeopathy medicine and you doctors for the treatment of Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome and helping my wife conceive

    Aman Patel
    Bangalore, India
  • I am 80% better with my psoriasis due to your treatment. In the last 9 months, since starting your treatment I am surely feeling a lot better.

  • I was totally tired of the pain due to Trigeminal Neuralgia . I am feeling amazing relieved by your medication since the last 8 months. I had tried all known medications including other Homeopathic clinics before reaching out to your consultants. Luv.

    Ashley Pinto
  • I suffered from multiple ovaries in cysts from past 12 years. After I could not conceive, even after trying IUI and a failed cycle of IVF, I opted for Welling Fertility Treatment instead of another cycle of  IVF. I conceived naturally after 7 months of treatment.

    Shital Mali
    Mumbai, India
  • I am now off the medications. I am totally better of my Psoriasis and since the last 10 months, have had no recurrences. I would especially like to thank Dr.Smith from your team.

    Melvin Shah
  • I got my mother for the treatment of prevention of cancer after she was operated for ovary cancer. She took treatment for 14 months and her blood reports are all normal for cancer markers for last 8 months.

    Evelyn Paul
    Mumbai, India
  • I consulted Welling Clinic for endometriosis. In the initial 6 months, my back pain and pelvic pain reduced to a large extent. My menstrual cycle also got regularized. I conceived in the 8th month after the endometriosis treatment started.

    Shilpa Parulekar
    Mumbai, India
  • My father is being treated for eosophagus cancer for the last 3 years and he doing very well. He has not been exposed to chemo or radiation therapy. He can eat now properly and for the last 14 months, we have not seen him complaining of any throat pain or swallowing difficulty.

    Shahid Mukhtar
    Software Designer
  • I had wonderful experience at Welling Clinic, during the treatment of my dad for cervical spondylosis. He took treatment for 17 months and he is complete well now.

    Shekhar Patil
    New Delhi, India

A Premium Homeopathic Clinic – for your complete family.

With over 50,000+ satisfied patients globally, WELLING HOMEOPATHIC CLINIC has some of the best Homeopathic doctors.

100% Satisfaction

We strive to achieve 100% satisfaction through our Homeopathic treatment for you.

World-Class Infrastructure

Our clinics boasts of world class infrastructure with state-of-art networked clinics.

Award-Winning Clinic

Our Homeopathic treatment clinic has been repeatedly awarded globally for highest quality.

Gentle & Permanent Cure

Our Homeopathic treatment protocols offer painless, gentle & permanent cure for you.

Scientific Homeopathy

Experience scientific & clinically proven Homeopathic treatment protocols.

Quality Assurance

Our regular & stringent quality checks are backed by Welling Healthcare Private Limited.

Patient Information

From the doctors to the raw material we use in your homeopathic medicines to our in-house software, everything has been handpicked to offer a premium, world class experience of Homeopathic treatment to you.

Unlike stand-alone un-organised homeopathic clinics, at our Homeopathic clinic you will experience a treatment that’s backed by an award winning homeopathic brand but unlike other chain of clinics, you will experience a more personalized and a warm doctor-patient relationship that’s missing from other branded clinics.

Other Highlights:

  1. Individually customized homeopathic medicines;

  2. Blister packed homeopathic medicines to prolong the efficacy;

  3. Homeopathic clinics having state of art infrastructure;

  4. Homeopathy medicine sourced from the best supplier;

  5. Completely networked no-paper homeopathic clinics;

We are the only Homeopathic clinic in the world to have specialized Homeopathic treatment protocols for specific diseases for consistency in your homeopathic treatment outcome.

Our specialized Homeopathy treatment protocols for Infertility, children illnesses, skin & hair and other chronic illnesses are verified and proven over the last 10 years.

All our doctors are hand-picked after multiple round of interviews and they under-go exhaustive training before they come before you for consultation. On an average. from every 100 doctors that apply to us, around one doctor gets through the process before he consults you as a specialist.

Homeopathy was founded by German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843), who was much disturbed by the medical system of his time, believing that its cures were crude and some of its strong drugs and treatments did more harm than good to patients.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) has declared that, “A systematic review has found that homeopathic remedies in high dilution, taken under the supervision of trained professionals, are generally considered safe and unlikely to cause severe adverse reactions.” There are no known interactions between conventional drugs and homeopathic medications.

Homeopathic medicines are manufactured by repeatedly diluting and succussing (shaking) a preparation of the original substance, mainly plants and minerals, in water and alcohol. After dilution the homeopathic medicine is added to lactose tablets or pillules. Homeopathy medicines can treat acute and chronic illnesses, mental and emotional conditions, safely and effectively without causing any side effects. Unlike any other medicine, homeopathy can alter genetic disease influences on both the physical and psychological level. For more info – http://abchomeopathy.com

There has been a steady increase in the number of people wanting to try Homeopathic treatment for their illness and no doubt you would like to meet the best Homeopathic doctor for your treatment. People are becoming increasingly aware of the immense power of Homeopathy and the scope it has in curing complicated pathologies.

And whenever there is an increase in a demand for anything, mediocrity and low quality creeps in. As in all other fields, there are varying standards of homeopathic treatment available and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the best Homeopathic doctor for your family. There are no medical websites in India dedicated to ranking and reviewing doctors like in the western countries.

Latest at Welling Clinic:

  • Dr. Amruta Kadam joins Thane clinic; 

  • Dr.Qazi joins Borivali clinic;

  • Welling Clinic launches 3rd clinic in Mumbai at Thane;

  • We celebrate 3123rd couple to conceive at Welling Clinic;

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