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computer photoYour search for the best “Homeopathy doctor near you” ends here.  Don’t look for just any Homeopathy doctor. You need the best homeopathy doctor for your family. You cannot risk your family health just by going to a Homeopathy doctor near your home. Do your research to find the best homeopathy doctor near you. The following points can help you.

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How to find Best Homeopathy Doctor Near Me?

  1. He should be properly qualified. India has the largest pool of qualified Homeopathic doctors in the world. But still, there are many unqualified people practicing homeopathy at home and medical centers. The homeopathic system is based on one of the most complicated philosophies regarding health, disease, and cure. It requires a formal education of more than 5 years and a lifelong learning bend of mind to absorb it and apply it to each patient. Reading books and reading websites for a year or so can not make anybody a professional homeopathic doctor.
  2. He should have enough experience in handling the disease which you are suffering from and not just a general experience. Homeopathy is a holistic science and very seldom there are specialists as we don’t require to be a specialist of one organ or system. We treat the complete body. But it helps if your consultant has seen a number of cases of your illness to know the cure possibilities and apply his experience. This especially matters for complicated illness. At Welling Homeopathy we see various complicated illnesses including Cancer and Muscular Dystrophy.
  3. He should be a full-time practitioner. Lately, I have noticed many homeopaths traveling all over the country taking lectures and classes. Further, some Homeopaths spend a huge amount of money on buying online time on television channels to showcase their oratory skills and attract the crowd. But in their clinic, it’s their junior assistants who consult the patient right from the first consultation or for the follow-ups. There is seldom any senior doctor to consult for you and available for you to clear your doubts. Nor are there any systems and protocols set for these junior assistants to follow. Hence it’s always better to ask about the consultant who is going to be in charge of your health.
  4. He should be well versed with the latest research in the Homeopathic field and also in the general medical field. The medical field is ever changing and your doctor needs to be regularly updated with the latest research and guidelines about your illness.
  5. He should be well versed with the diagnosis and investigation required. The Homeopath who says diagnosis and investigation are not required for a Homeopathic treatment is a fool and most probably was sleeping through his medical school. Though the scenario is changing now, still there are many Homeopaths who feel diagnosis and investigations are not required.
  6. He should be able to clear your doubts regarding Homeopathy, your illness & also explain what to expect from the treatment. He should also know the limitation of a homeopathic treatment. I stress on this point as there are Homeopaths who claim to grow any part of the body, from ovaries to giving eyesight for a frank blind person.
  7. He should be having a very good reputation for delivering results. You can inquire from people in your area, visit a forum and search on the internet to know from people who have posted online about the doctor’s treatment they liked or didn’t like.
  8. If you are visiting a chain of clinic, you should know who the responsible person is? With various chain of clinics coming up in India, it becomes very important to know who is the consultant responsible for your health. This statement is in continuation with the no.3 statement above. People approach these chain of clinics considering the name of the chief of these chain of the clinic, but seldom do the chief practices or is seen in the clinic. And the point to note here is for all legal issues, the junior doctor consulting you is responsible for your health and complications & not the chief, management or the company of these chain of clinics.
  9. Your Homeopath should be transparent regarding the medication prescribed for you and if any more information is required by you. I am still not sure about the necessity for keeping the name of the medication a secret by the majority of the Homeopaths.
  10. Accessibility of your doctor: Homeopathic treatment for chronic diseases may take months to resolve. During this time, in addition to personal consultation, it is important that your consulting doctor is easily approachable for you through all the latest means of communications including phone, email, skype etc.

If you are not able to find the best Homeopathy Doctor near you?

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