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Best Homeopathy Medicine for Migraine

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Best Homeopathy Medicines for Migraine for you requires a detailed pre-treatment analysis by our specialists. The initial consultation can last for 45 minutes and will involve a detailed consultation with our specialists. The doctors at Welling Clinics are trained to help the worst of migraine pains and we have helped more than 7000 patients with migraine till now. Consult our specialist today to know your best Homeopathy medicines for Migraine.
I was cured of my migraine within 12 months of starting the treatment at Welling Clinics. I am completely pain-free for the last 3 years now. – Amit Trivedi ( Mumbai ) 

What is Migraine?

Migraines are severe, recurring, and painful headaches. They can be preceded or accompanied by sensory warning signs and other symptoms.

The extreme pain that migraines cause can last for hours or even days.

Triggers of Migraine

The cause of migraines is not yet known.

It is suspected that they result from abnormal activity in the brain. This can affect the way nerves communicate as well as the chemicals and blood vessels in the brain. Genetics may make someone more sensitive to the triggers that can cause migraines.

However, the following triggers are likely to set off migraines:

  • Hormonal changes: Women may experience migraine symptoms during menstruation, due to changing hormone levels.
  • Emotional triggers: Stress, depression, anxiety, excitement, and shock can trigger a migraine.
  • Physical causes: Tiredness and insufficient sleep, shoulder or neck tension, poor posture, and physical overexertion have all been linked to migraines. Low blood sugar and jet lag can also act as triggers.
  • Triggers in the diet: Alcohol and caffeine can contribute to triggering migraines. Some specific foods can also have this effect, including chocolate, cheese, citrus fruits, and foods containing the additive tyramine. Irregular mealtimes and dehydration have also been named as potential triggers.
  • Medications: Some sleeping pills, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications, and the combined contraceptive pill have all been named as possible triggers.
  • Triggers in the environment: Flickering screens, strong smells, second-hand smoke, and loud noises can set off a migraine. Stuffy rooms, temperature changes, and bright lights are also possible triggers.

Treatment of Migraine

Homeopathic medicines of migraine are chalked for you at Welling Clinics after a detailed pre-treatment analysis which included trigger recognition and detailed past history of migraine from the time it started. The treatment for migraine is customised for you, which is proven to cure Migraine completely.

Best Homeopathy Medicine for Migraine

There are more than 200 medicines for migraine in Homeopathy and any one of them can be effective for you for complete recovery. The specialists at Welling Clinics are trained to customize the homeopathic medicines for migraine for you. The medicines that can cure you completely will be the best homeopathic medicines for migraine.

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