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8 Indian Traditions To Keep You Healthy This Monsoon

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Hi, welcome to Dr.Welling Healthshow and I am Dr.Welling, today we are going to discuss 8 Indian traditions that are very effective even today. India has come a long way since its Independence, but while we have moved on to more modern ways of living, some of our traditional practices still hold good in today’s context. Here is a list of 10 traditional Indian practices that not only make us proud to be Indian but are quickly becoming the best way to stay healthy, naturally.

First one is eating with your hands

Indians, traditionally use their hands to eat. Be it rice, roti or any other type of food. But, did you know that the practice is actually great for your digestion, keeps all the five elements of your body in synch and protects your mouth from getting burnt apart from all the other health benefits it affords you? Well, with science proving all the health benefits of eating with your hands, it’s time you gave this practice a try.

Sitting on the floor and eating

With the presence of tables and chairs in almost all homes, most Indians have given up on the practice of sitting on the floor while they eat. But, we suggest going back to your roots. Sitting on the floor and eating has a number of health benefits that you might not know about. Right from aiding in proper digestion to pushing your metabolic rate, having a traditional Indian meal on the floor can do you a great deal of good.

Drinking warm water and honey, first thing in the morning

Most of us like to start out the day with a steaming cup of coffee or maybe some masala chai, but having some warm water with honey and lemon instead, might just be a better idea. This concoction, used widely in India, is a great way to flush out toxins from your body, beats constipation, gives your digestion and metabolism a boost and can even help you lose weight. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Drinking water from a copper vessel

In ancient India, it was a common practice to have water that was stored in copper vessels. Now replaced with glass, plastic and steel containers, drinking water that has been stored in a copper vessel was actually an extremely beneficial practice. Not only does copper act as a natural antibacterial agent, but it also helps replenish essential minerals and keeps you healthy.

Piercing the ear lobes of young children

A tradition that most Indian families follow, getting a child’s ears pierced is often thought of as a cosmetic measure. But there is much more to the practice. Not only does piercing a child’s ear lobes help in his/her brain development, but it is also potent acupressure and acupuncture point that helps in strengthening a child’s reproductive organs, eyes, and ears.

Using silver cutlery

Silverware is now common all around the world, but in India, the tradition of using silver utensils and plates has been the norm for ages. Why? well, silver is a great anti-bacterial agent. By eating in a plate made of silver it helps replenish trace amounts of the metal, giving your body the exact amount of the minerals needed to remain healthy. While today using plates and glasses made of silver may have become a sign of vanity, the practice actually affords you a number of health benefits.

Eating soaked almonds

We have often heard our elders tell us that eating soaked almonds early in the morning is great to boost your memory. But this practice actually has a larger number of health benefits than you might know. Soaked almonds aid in digestion, controls your blood pressure, checks the rise of bad cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy.

Having Masala Chai

That steaming hot cup of masala chai is a welcome break for many Indians. Filled with flavors from common Indian herbs, masala chai is one the most common go-tos for that instant energy boost. But did you know that your favorite cup offers you many more health benefits? Yes, it helps improve blood circulation, keeps your heart healthy, beats inflammation, fights colds and improves digestion.

So let’s celebrate the rich traditional roots we come from. While the following things blindly might not be the best choice, things proven by science can definitely give your health a much-needed boost.

That’s all in today episode. If you want more details and health benefits on any of the habits mentioned by me, write in the comments below and I will make a separate video on that specific habit. Don’t forget to share this video to help your friends stay healthy. If you have any other health question feel free to ask in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to get the updates as soon as I release a new video. Helping you get back your health and stay healthy. Bye and take care.