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How To Cope With Depression?

Depression, also known as “Major Depressive Disorder,” is a common and serious medical illness affecting an individual’s mental health. It’s characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and disinterest in various areas of life. Unlike regular sadness or grief, which follows events like loss of loved ones, depression feels like living in a black hole […]

5 Ways To Beating Depression Without Medications

Breakup with your partner, loss of a loved one, failure in examination, loss of a job, or business failure are life events that are bound to produce grief for a few days. If this state persists longer than two weeks, then it is termed as depression. A feeling of bad mood with loss of desire […]

Long Hours and Overwork Increases Risk of Depression

Employees who work long hours with high job demands are more likely to develop depression, suggests a study in the August Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Previous studies have reported mixed results regarding the physical and mental health effects of long work hours. The new study highlights the importance of high job demands and feeling […]