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What Is The Natural Treatment For Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

Blocked fallopian tubes is a very common cause of female infertility and one of the scariest diagnosis to be told of, for a couple, when confronted with difficulty in conceiving. Unfortunately, it is a condition that you would not know until you try and then fail to conceive. Only when you are unable to conceive […]

Fertility Drugs May Raise Risk of Breast Cancer

The researchers with the National Institutes of Health have found that women who started taking fertility drugs and went through IVF around their 24th birthday were found to have a 56 per cent greater chance of developing breast cancer than those in the same age group who went through treatments without IVF. Many studies have […]

Is Weight Gain Linked to Endometriosis?

Of all the female infertility cases that visit us, round 8% are those that are related to Endometriosis. In my previous post on unexplained infertility, I have explained that commonly its microscopic endometriosis that has to be blamed and which is commonly missed in the investigations. Endometriosis is a condition where the endometrium, a tissue […]