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What is the Treatment for Empty Follicle Syndrome?

Empty follicle syndrome (EFS) has been defined as a condition in which no oocytes are retrieved from mature ovarian follicles with apparently normal follicular development and estradiol levels, after Controlled ovarian hyper stimulation (COH) for an assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycle, despite repeated aspiration and flushing. No oocytes are retrieved even after many ultrasounds & […]

Is Treatment for Luteinized Unruptured Follicles Syndrome ( LUFS ) Possible?

I recently consulted for a lady with Luteinizing Unruptured Follicles Syndrome (LUFS) which has no treatment in conventional medicine. In the last 12 years of my practice, I have seen more than 100 cases of LUFS conceiving naturally with Homeopathy treatment. Not only that, but, after the delivery of the baby, LUFS no longer persists […]