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Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss causes in women can be different with every women that see us for treatment of hair-loss. We have been helping stop hair-loss for the last 20 years. The most common cause of hair loss is stress. If you’ve noticed your hair is getting a lot thinner, it could be due to the stress […]

How To Prevent Hairfall in Men?

As someone rightly said, our hair is our crowning glory and one of the most important attributes of our appearance. One of the greatest worries which literally everyone faces at some point is hair fall. This is no longer a source of worry for women alone, but plagues men too. Earlier, hair fall in men […]

The Only Proven Home Remedies For Hair Fall And Hair Growth

Hair fall is a common problem now a days, with increasing pollution, stress and bad life style. With hair fall problem increasing, there are many treatments for hair fall that have come up, mostly ineffective and some slightly better. Below I provide some home remedies that have helped our patients in addition to our specially formulated Homeopathic medicines […]