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How Homeopathy Helped Me Cure Psoriasis?

I was suffering from Psoriasis for the last 14 years. My Psoriasis had spread to the scalp, legs and back. The itching would increase terribly at night and I would need to use spoon or knife to scratch and get relief. It was a terrible feeling. I took continuous medicine from our family physician for […]

Is Psoriasis Curable In Homeopathy?

Is Psoriasis making you frustrated? Are you tired of using irritating sticky creams? Is your Psoriasis making you feel like above when you sweat? Want to know how Welling Homeopathy can help in Psoriasis? Psoriasis is a skin problem with severe itching and physical discomfort. Psoriasis is caused by the over-reaction of your immune system. In psoriasis your […]

5 Trusted Home Remedies For Psoriasis

The spectrum of treatment options depend on the extent and severity of psoriasis as well as the emotional response to the disease: skin ointments ,ultraviolet phototherapy, steroids or speciality Homeopathy treatment. There are simple home remedies for psoriasis which have been proven to be effective to control psoriasis eruptions and itching. They can be used before visiting a […]

Get the Right Treatment for Urticaria, In Time To Get Cured

[kkstarratings] Welling Homeopathy Clinics offer speciality Homeopathy treatment for Urticaria or Hives, as it is called commonly. We have cured more than 1200 patients of urticaria in the last one year alone. You can visit any of our clinic or consult us online to get started with your treatment of urticaria. Urticaria affects 20 percent […]

Uncured Psoriasis Is Directly related to Hypertension : Study

“Over the last many years, research studies have revealed that psoriasis, particularly extreme psoriasis, is an independent danger element for a range of comorbidities, putting clients suffering with this typical skin condition at an enhanced threat for various other conditions such as cardiac arrest and movement,” claims Junko Takeshita, MD, PhD, clinical trainer in the […]