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Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome – Testimonial no.18

We were married for 4 years and still my wife was not able to conceive. We did various tests for both of us after consulting various gynecologist. As it turned out, I was suffering from no sperm count. Our doctors advised us Biopsy to rule out the cause and I was diagnosed with something called […]

Endometriosis Treatment For Infertility

I was suffering from back pain for some 8 years. I had taken practically all types of treatments for my back pain. After I got married and when I could not conceive for around 4 years I starting getting worried. By that time , I also started getting pelvic pains before and during my menstrual […]

Infertility Clinic in Mumbai – Testimonial No.104

My wife and I were distraught over my low sperm count and resorted to 2 failed cycles of IVF. Our hopes of having a family were fading and we were advised ICSE as a last option, but I desperately wanted to find another solution, the medicines were horrible and I couldn’t stand the thought of […]

Endometriosis Treatment – Testimonial no. 92

I was 36 when I was diagnosed with severe stage IV endometriosis and I underwent a laparoscopy and several months of  high dose hormonal treatment. I also underwent 2 episodes of failed IUIs. The regular symptoms of endometriosis were ofcourse there and I was going through a hell during my monthly periods.  I came back to India in […]

Oligospermia Treatment – Testimonial no.186

I was detected as having very low sperm count (oligospermia) at my family physician’s clinic. I was referred to a IVF clinic in Mumbai, but due to lack of enough finances required for IVF, I thought of searching for some alternative. I has seen the hoarding of  Welling Clinic on the route to my work […]

PCOS Treatment -Testimonial no. 231

My daughter aged 18 years had been having irregular periods for 3 years. The flow would continue for a prolonged period and post her periods she would get massive weakness.  We were told to do her sonography and the Gynaec concluded that my daughters has ovarian cysts and she was prescribed some hormonal tablets. On doing […]

Azoospermia Treatment – Testimonial no.106

After trying to conceive for more than two years, we started to conduct some online research for the options available for us to know the exact problem with us. We visited various fertility clinics in Mumbai, wherein we came to know that, the problem was with me and I had no sperm in my ejaculation. […]