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Diabetes Complications Soar: 1 in 5 Indian Patients Face Blindness or Kidney Failure!

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Diabetes Complications Soar: 1 in 5 Indian Patients Face Blindness or Kidney Failure!A recent all-India study has unveiled distressing news about the nation’s battle with diabetes. The research, which monitored over 6,000 patients across three years, found that one in every five diabetic individuals in the country suffers major health implications due to complications in their small blood vessels. These complications can lead to severe nerve damage or cause patients to go blind or even suffer kidney failure.

“The results of this study underline a hard-hitting truth – diabetes is no longer just a chronic condition, but a life-altering health crisis in our country. These findings demand urgent attention, intervention, and better preventive strategies. We can’t stress enough the importance of regular monitoring, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly, understanding that diabetes can lead to compounding health issues if not properly managed.”

Dr. Welling, Leading Homeopathy Consultant, Mumbai

The study, recently published in the peer-reviewed medical journal Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, focused on the management of diabetes after the diagnosis and the initiation of treatments. It was found that often, patients couldn’t achieve the necessary level of control over their blood sugar levels, leading to higher complications.

The implications of diabetes are far-reaching and known to affect several vital organs like the heart, nerves, kidneys, eyes, feet, among others. The study also found co-morbidities in the patient pool. Around 60% of the patients were obese, 80% had hypertension, and 60% had high cholesterol levels, indicating a greater risk of heart attacks.

Diabetes, a disease thought to impact barely 3% of the population just three decades ago, now affects nearly 9% of India’s adult population, underscoring an alarming rise attributed to lifestyle changes and poor preventive strategies. The study makes a pressing case for better management and preventive strategies to control this public health crisis.

In short, the message is clear – while dealing with diabetes, regular health check-ups, balanced diet, adequate sleep, and a disciplined exercise routine are crucial for weeding out potential complications.
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