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Endometriosis Treatment – Testimonial no. 92

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Welling Homeopathy Reviews

I was 36 when I was diagnosed with severe stage IV endometriosis and I underwent a laparoscopy and several months of  high dose hormonal treatment. I also underwent 2 episodes of failed IUIs. The regular symptoms of endometriosis were ofcourse there and I was going through a hell during my monthly periods.  I came back to India in December 2010 to take advise on undergoing IVF. I felt, I was running against the time and the stress was getting on me. While searching online, I read about Homeopathy treatment for endometriosis and my sister-in-law referred me to Welling Clinic. I underwent a fertility evaluation and analysis at Welling Clinic. I was prescribed a treatment for 6 months initially without much changes in diet. After around 2 monthly cycles, my pains during periods went down to a larger extent. I went back to US in February 2011 and continued the endometriosis treatment from Welling Clinic till I conceived in August 2011. I delivered a beautiful girl child in May this year. I am attaching a photo of my day 2 in the hospital after the delivery.