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How Momo Can Put Your Health at Risk?

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Momo, a popular street food traditionally originating from Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan, has been rapidly gaining prominence across India. This dumpling, filled with a variety of ingredients like vegetables, chicken, and paneer, is often an irresistible fast food option for people of all ages due to its delicious taste and pocket-friendly prices.

However, recent cases of health issues after the consumption of momo have raised concerns about the overall safety and nutritional value of this flavorful treat. According to an article published in the Indian Express, medical professionals are now asking consumers to be cautious about their momo intake.

How Momo Can Put Your Health at Risk?

Eating Momos: Be Cautious About Health Risks

While momo’s sale and consumption in India is widespread, the ingredients used by street vendors may not be of the highest quality. Unregulated production, questionable sanitary conditions, and the potential for food contamination have led to numerous health issues over the years.

Renowned gastroenterologist Dr. Roy Patankar asserts that street momos could be unhealthy and unhygienic due to the lack of regulation and control over the cooking procedures and inattention to cleanliness. He also recommends being cautious about where and how the momos are prepared, ensuring that they are cooked properly, and avoiding excessive consumption to prevent stomach infections or gastrointestinal issues.

Impact on Detoxification: A Little-Known Consequence###

Additionally, Dr. Patankar highlights that the consumption of momos, particularly those made from refined flour, can have harmful effects on liver functioning. Constant intake of refined carbs can impair liver functions, thus hampering the detoxification process and leading to a buildup of toxins in the body.

Nutritionist and author Kavita Devgan supports Dr. Patankar’s argument, stating that momos prepared using refined flour can lead to acidity, bloating, and indigestion. She also notes that these issues could result in long-term health risks if the consumption becomes a habit.

Alternative Solutions: Healthier Options

For those who cannot resist momos but wish to reduce the health risks associated with consuming them, experts suggest choosing healthier alternatives whenever possible. Using whole wheat flour instead of refined flour and opting for homemade or restaurant-cooked momos that employ fresh, high-quality ingredients can provide a safer and more nutritious option.

Moreover, Dr. Patankar advises reducing the oil and salt in momo preparations and opting for steaming or grilling as cooking methods to cut down on calories and avoid carcinogenic compounds produced by frying.

In Conclusion

Momo’s popularity as a street food in India comes with a variety of health risks that have been underscored by recent cases of health issues after its consumption. Gastroenterologists and nutritionists alike have expressed concern about the hygiene, quality, and preparation methods involved in making this popular snack. For individuals who cannot resist the appeal of momos, it is essential to recognize these risks and opt for healthier alternatives to avoid long-term health consequences.

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