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Is Weight Gain Linked to Endometriosis?

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Of all the female infertility cases that visit us, round 8% are those that are related to Endometriosis. In my previous post on unexplained infertility, I have explained that commonly its microscopic endometriosis that has to be blamed and which is commonly missed in the investigations.

Endometriosis is a condition where the endometrium, a tissue which lines the inside of the uterus, also is found outside the uterus.

The endometrium is the tissue which develops when an egg is produced from the ovaries and will house the egg after fertilization. If the egg is not fertilized it, along with the endometrium, is flushed from the body as your menstrual flow, or period. In cases of endometriosis, the tissue is located outside the uterus although it still undergoes the same building up and breaking down process. When it bleeds outside the uterus, it can irritate the surrounding area and cause adhesions or cysts. Endometriosis can be very painful and very severe, although severity of endometriosis doesn’t necessarily mean severe pain. The endometriosis can be very small and cause a great deal of pain; it all depends on where it’s located and the anatomy of the woman.

Endometriosis and Weight Gain

Weight gain is not considered to be a key symptom of endometriosis; however, bloating can be a symptom of the disease, according to Endo-Resolved, an independent endometriosis support website. Bloating may mimic weight gain since it can cause clothing to fit differently. Bloating can occur because of endometrial implants that form on the outer walls of the intestines.

Endometriosis and diet are interconnected.

 Endometriosis causes weight gain in women and is influenced by diet. Western diets, foods of convenience and other unhealthy dietary habits can “muddle” the signals sent to cells throughout the body, fostering negative genetic (phenotypic) expression that leads to premature aging and chronic illness such as endometriosis. What you eat does have a direct influence on endometriosis and how you feel. Addressing those eating patterns allows you to manage symptoms and even halt or reverse the progression of your illnesses.

Side Effects of Conventional Treatment

Weight gain may occur as a result of treatment for endometriosis. Doctors often prescribe progestins to treat the disease, according to the NWHIC. These hormones shrink endometrial implants by blocking the growth effects of estrogen. Weight gain is a common side effect of progestin therapy, along with bloating, depression and nausea, Endo-Resolved reports. Unfortunately, hormone therapies do not cure endometriosis but rather provide a temporary period of reduced symptoms.

Natural Treatment for Endometriosis

Endometriosis is completely reversible and curable with properly targeted Homeopathic medicines. With an experience of around a decade in treating cases of infertility due to endometriosis, Welling Homeopathy offers painless, gentle and a permanent relief from endometriosis.