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IVF Treatments Can Hamper your Sex Life

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Pregnancy_Welling IVF is a process that involves mature eggs being taken from a female’s ovaries, which are then fertilized in a lab by sperm, which results in the production of embryos that are then implanted in a woman’s uterus. They are often used after couples have already tried other less dangerous techniques. Many couples using IVF have been trying to get pregnant for years. IVF should be usually suggested after all other measures fail. But currently, IVF has become the treatment of choice as the first option considering the financials involved, notwithstanding the side effects it can have on mother and the newly born child for years.

Now a new study claims that women who are undergoing IVF (in-vitro fertilization) procedures often feel less sexually satisfied and their sexual relationships with partners may suffer due to the stress of the treatments and other factors, according to researchers from Indiana University.

Until now, not much focus has been given to these couples as they try to make it through the emotionally and physically taxing process of in-vitro fertilization, even though sex is a major part of a couple’s conceiving aim to conceive a baby.

Women who were going through IVF had less desire to have sex and were not as satisfied in their relationships as women who were not undergoing IVF treatments. The females taking part in IVF were also less likely to orgasm and reported more instances of vaginal pain and dryness. As the treatments continued, the negative problems the couples or women were experiencing increased.

According to the report, hormone therapy used in ART probably impacts women’s pain and sexual activity, but there is not much known on these topics because they are not as important than other health issues, such as cancer or diabetes.

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