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Liver Cancer: How To Spot Signs Of Liver Cancer In Women?

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Liver Cancer in women can be hard to detect early on because the signs and symptoms often do not appear until it is in its later stages. By the time a tumor can be felt, it might already be quite large. But you need not lose hope.

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Let’s see early signs of liver cancer in women.

Homeopathy treatment of liver cancerWhat are the signs of liver cancer in women?

Symptoms of liver cancer can be similar in women and men, but they are more often vague in women or difficult to catch.

The symptoms of liver cancer in women

Vomiting blood, pale or yellow discoloration of the urine, severe abdominal pain, constipation, skin eruptions, depression, breast enlargement, fatigue, bright red spots on the skin, body soreness, low platelet counts.  See a doctor if your symptoms do not go away within 2 weeks, or if your doctor suspects you might have liver cancer because the earlier you detect it, the better chance of survival. Although an estimated 30% of the general population has a risk of developing liver cancer, people of certain groups are at higher risk. For example, if a mother’s first pregnancy is after age 25, the chance of a child getting liver cancer is higher.

What are the causes of liver cancer?

There are many reasons why the liver can get cancer. One of the most common causes of liver cancer is hepatitis. Hepatitis is a common condition in which the body’s immune system reacts to the blood of a person that is carrying a certain virus. This virus causes a condition called hepatitis B and C and often leads to a buildup of proteins in the liver.  Fatty liver can damage the liver. Other causes of liver cancer include liver disease caused by alcohol, autoimmune diseases, and infections.  Chronic inflammation of the liver is a common cause of liver cancer. Inflammation could be caused by having diabetes, being overweight, or high blood pressure.

Who is at risk for liver cancer?

In women, increased risk factors include alcohol use, obesity, hepatitis B or hepatitis C, as well as PCP and HSDD.  What are the warning signs of liver cancer? The main warning signs that a woman should watch for are severe abdominal pain, especially if accompanied by vomiting, nausea, constipation, and/or loss of appetite.

How is liver cancer treated?

Conventionally, liver cancer is treated with surgery. Depending on the stage of cancer, the doctor may opt to do a direct liver resection, a partial liver resection, or a combination of both. If the cancer is only in the liver and not in the blood, it is much easier to get rid of. In most cases, a liver resection will not leave you with any long-term problems, but it does take some time for your liver to recover. The liver has to rest and regenerate. There could be followed by chemotherapy.

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You should watch out for these symptoms of liver cancer in women and take the appropriate steps to help yourself or your loved one. If you or someone you know is suffering from symptoms of liver cancer, you should see a doctor. The liver is vital for the body to use all the nutrients in the foods we consume. In fact, the liver is very important in keeping everything healthy and functioning properly. While the liver is designed to store cholesterol and other fats and store the waste products, it also has a crucial role to play in metabolizing and eliminating these substances. Any harmful substances found in the body get broken down into smaller particles and carried away from the body. In liver cancer this working of the liver can be hampered, leading to a breakdown of efficient working of the body.

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