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What Is The Natural Treatment For Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

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Blocked fallopian tubes is a very common cause of female infertility and one of the scariest diagnosis to be told of, for a couple, when confronted with difficulty in conceiving. Unfortunately, it is a condition that you would not know until you try and then fail to conceive. Only when you are unable to conceive for quite some time, the specialist will prescribe an HSG (hysterosalpingogram) test that inspects the shape and ductility of your fallopian tubes.

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What Is The Natural Treatment For Blocked Fallopian Tubes?If you have been diagnosed with blocked tubes you may have wondered is there a treatment for this condition. How can you conceive at the earliest in a most gentle and harmless way?

How are ‘Blocked Tubes’ diagnosed?

A HSG (hysterosalpingogram) is commonly used to establish whether your tubes are clear – or not – by flushing a water-based dye through both tubes. This creates an X-ray image of the flow of the dye which shows the dye either spilling out the end of the tube or being blocked and unable to pass through.

The way that the dye spills into the pelvis when it exits the tube can be revealing also, the ‘spill pattern’ can reveal possible areas of scar tissue or adhesions where the dye pools in pockets.

However, an HSG can only tell if your tubes are clear – or relaxed – enough for fluid to pass through. A HSG cannot tell whether the tube is functional, whether the cilia waft the embryo along vigorously enough, hold it at the appropriate place for the right amount of time and secrete the right nutrients for healthy embryo development. A clear HSG does not mean that your tubes are working optimally, it just means that they are clear.

It is very common for tubes to be blocked in some way, shape or form. Tubal factor infertility is very common and has various causes and manifestations. A frequent cause of blocked fallopian tubes is a current or historical pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which can cause inflammation and scarring within the tube long after the infection is cleared. Active infections can be subtle and hidden making accurate diagnosis tricky.

Homeopathy treatments for tube blockages are ideally suited to tubes that spasm, are prone to mucus plugs or are intermittently blocked. If there is an infection, initially homeopathy treatment is essential to stop the progression of the disease, then the treatment for the blocked tubes has to be started.

If a tube is suffering due to scar tissue, adhesions and damage due to a historical infection, Homeopathy treatment can sometimes help immensely. Some women have had pregnancy success naturally even when the blockage was thought to be severe. We have had few cases in the past decade who had been diagnosed with severely blocked tubes and advised to pursue IVF – which failed – who went on to conceive naturally after some months of Homeopathy treatment.

What To Do When You Have Blocked Tubes?

Be sure first. The most important thing in this situation is to be absolutely sure that you have a tubal blockage. There are hardly any concrete symptoms that indicate a tubal blockage. Constant abdominal pain, history of ectopic pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases might be indicative of blockage but not conclusive of it. Irregular periods indicate ovulation problems but not blocked tubes.

Do the test. There are two kinds of tests ( HSG and intra-vaginal ultrasound) that can conclusively determine tubal blockage. The intra-vaginal ultrasound scan is a scan of the uterus and ovaries done by inserting a stylus into the vagina. The normal ultrasound scan that is done on the lower abdomen is not conclusive in this case.

How blocked are your tubes? Tubes might be in various stages of blockage. The cause of blockage determines its severity. If you have had a previous ectopic pregnancy of a ruptured appendix, the scar tissues left behind might block your tubes partially. However, if your tubes are twisted from birth, then it will be a complete blockage.

Can I still conceive? In most cases, a woman with blockage in one tube can still conceive naturally if she has no ovulation problems. However, if both tubes are blocked, then you need to go for a comprehensive treatment preferably a natural non-invasive treatment like Homeopathy or invasive surgery.

IUI & IVF  Artificial insemination doesn’t work in a majority of tubal blockage cases. Even if IVF is the chosen route to conception, the health of the tubes is still important. If a tube is infected it can contain toxic fluids accumulations – called a hydrosalpinx – this fluid can leak into the uterus making conception difficult even with IVF. Any tube infections must be thoroughly evaluated and treated before pursuing IVF which sometimes requires removal of the tube if a hydrosalpinx is present.

How To Open Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally?

Even if you have severely blocked tubes, do not lose hope. Talk to a fertility specialist in your town to know about the latest treatment option for you.

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