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Oligospermia Treatment – Testimonial no.186

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I was detected as having very low sperm count (oligospermia) at my family physician’s clinic. I was referred to a IVF clinic in Mumbai, but due to lack of enough finances required for IVF, I thought of searching for some alternative. I has seen the hoarding of  Welling Clinic on the route to my work place so I inquired with the doctors there in 2010. I was advised few more tests and was registered for their oligospermia treatment in September 2010.  My count being very low , I was advised few dietary changes and nutritional supplements too. My sperm count started to rise around 4 months after starting the treatment. My wife conceived in August 2011 and delivered a healthy girl child in May 2012.

( Translated in English from Hindi language at Welling Clinic; contact details available in clinic )