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PCOS Treatment -Testimonial no. 231

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Welling Homeopathy Reviews

My daughter aged 18 years had been having irregular periods for 3 years. The flow would continue for a prolonged period and post her periods she would get massive weakness.  We were told to do her sonography and the Gynaec concluded that my daughters has ovarian cysts and she was prescribed some hormonal tablets. On doing some research online, I noticed that they were oral contraceptive pills.  The treatment was as it should be and its the same treatment that is followed in all clinic around the world. Though on starting the prescribed tablets, the periods became regular and even the quantity of flow came under control, I always felt uncomfortable at the thought that my daughter was taking contraceptive pills for her illness. I chatted online with doctors at Welling Clinic and at few other online forums and decided to explore better treatment options for my daughter. It took some time to get convinced of homeopathy as a option, but we started on the treatment for PCOS eventually. The treatment went on well. The hormonal and few other tablets were gradually reduced and later stopped in around four and a half month. The flow is under control currently and menses are mostly on time. My daughter is still under the treatment and it gives me immense satisfaction that atleast I could keep my daughter away from oral contraceptive pills. Yes and her weight is surely under control now.

(Testimonial edited for brevity)