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Scalp Psoriasis: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Homeopathic Remedies

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Scalp psoriasis is a common skin disorder characterized by red, scaled, and slightly raised plaques affecting the scalp. It can be a source of physical discomfort and psychological distress for patients. In this article, we will delve deep into scalp psoriasis’ causes and symptoms, discuss conventional treatments, explore the top 10 homeopathy remedies, and highlight why Welling Homeopathy is the best choice for a complete cure.

Homeopathy For Scalp Psoriasis

What is Scalp Psoriasis?

Scalp psoriasis is a variety of psoriasis, a chronic autoimmune disease that primarily affects the skin but can extend to other systems. It typically manifests as red, raised, scaly patches on the scalp.

Symptoms of Scalp Psoriasis

Symptoms vary from person to person but may include:

  • Reddish patches on the scalp
  • Flaking or dandruff-like scaling
  • Dry scalp
  • Itching and/or burning sensation
  • Temporary hair loss

Causes of Scalp Psoriasis

The exact cause of scalp psoriasis is unknown; however, it is thought to be related to the immune system. The inflammation prompts the skin cells to multiply much faster than normal, leading to a build-up of cells on the skin’s surface, causing the characteristic psoriatic scales.

Conventional Treatment for Scalp Psoriasis

Conventional treatment typically involves a multi-pronged approach, including:

  • Topical corticosteroids
  • Vitamin D analogs
  • Light therapy (phototherapy)

While these treatments can alleviate symptoms, they do not address the root cause of the condition and can have side effects.

Top 10 Homeopathy Remedies for Scalp Psoriasis

Homeopathy offers individualized treatment that focuses on the patient as a person, not just their disease. Here are the top 10 remedies often considered for scalp psoriasis:

  1. Arsenic Album: Best for those with fast scaled formations.
  2. Sulphur: Used when burning sensations accompany the itchy, dry patches.
  3. Sepia: Ideal for cases where scalp psoriasis is coupled with hair loss.
  4. Kali Sulphuricum: Used in cases with yellowish scales.
  5. Graphites: Suitable for conditions where there is extreme scalp dryness and eruptions ooze a sticky discharge.
  6. Mezereum: Preferred when the patient experiences white scales with severe itching.
  7. Psorinum: Effective for intense scalp itching, especially during the night.
  8. Rhus Tox: Used in instances where scalp psoriasis is triggered by stress.
  9. Staphysagria: For scalp psoriasis resulting from suppressed emotions or resentment.
  10. Natrum Mur: Ideal to remedy the dry, itchy, and fissured scalp caused by psoriasis.

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