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Azoospermia Treatment – Testimonial no.106

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Welling Homeopathy Reviews

After trying to conceive for more than two years, we started to conduct some online research for the options available for us to know the exact problem with us. We visited various fertility clinics in Mumbai, wherein we came to know that, the problem was with me and I had no sperm in my ejaculation. Then we under went various tests including biopsies and hormonal tests to know the cause of sperms being totally absent. The blame was put on some hormonal problem I had and that made me wrong candidate even for IUI and IVF. Various options were suggested for me by doctors and family members.

We were referred to Welling clinic by one of our relatives.  We spoke to doctors at Welling Clinic and felt some hope of natural conceiving. Though we were a little doubtful regarding the homeopathy treatment, nevertheless, we started the treatment. First six months there was hardly any difference. Dr.Welling advised us to continue for another six months. In the seventh month, my tests showed very low sperm count, but to my relief, it showed some change. By 11th month my count was 12 Million with other parameters being normal. my wife conceived exactly 13 months after starting the treatment.

Overall, though the final outcome was positive, we expected a little faster results, as sometimes, especially for the first six months, we felt totally hopeless with the treatment and thought of discontinuing the treatment, but we had no other option but to continue.

Finally, as it is said, all is well that ends well. Thanks to the successful treatment of my Azoospermia , I am a dad today.