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Varicose Veins On Testicles – Varicocele

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Varicose Veins on testicles, also known as varicocele can be treated with custom-made Homeopathy medicines, formulated at Welling Homeopathy Clinics. The treatment works without painful surgery, faster than traditional Homeopathy, helps in faster pain relief, and also helps speed up sperm production for natural pregnancy.

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What Are Varicose Veins on Testicles?

Varicose Veins on Testicles is also known as varicocele.

treatment of varicose veins on testicles

Varicose veins occur when the valves of your vein become damaged or weakened. This allows blood to flow back into the venous system instead of draining out through smaller vessels called capillaries. The result is that there’s too much pressure inside the vein which causes it to bulge outwardly.

Varicoceles occur when one or more veins carrying blood away from your testicle become enlarged and twisted.

They usually develop after puberty but sometimes appear earlier. These veins connect directly to the scrotum. When these veins get bigger than normal, they push against nearby tissues and create swelling.

What Are The Causes of Varicocele?

The common causes of varicocele are :

1) Inadequate testosterone levels in males.

2) A family history of varicocele.

3) Trauma during childbirth.

4) Obesity.

5) Chronic illness such as diabetes mellitus.

6) Aging.

7) Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy.

8) Certain medications including oral contraceptives.

9) Infection.

10) An inherited condition called Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome.

Inadequate testosterone levels in men. Hypogonadism occurs when you have low levels of male hormones such as testosterone. It may cause symptoms like erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, fatigue, depression, weight gain, hair loss, acne, etc.

Treatment of Varicose Veins On TesticlesTrauma from childbirth or other injuries. If you were injured during delivery, this could lead to damage to the spermatic cord. As a result, the tubes connecting the testes with the penis will swell up causing them to look enlarged.

There can be a genetic predisposition for developing varicosities. Some people inherit an increased risk of having varicose veins.

Symptoms Of Varicocele

A varicocele can produce no symptoms initially. The common symptoms of varicocele include:

• Swelling around the affected area.

• Painful erection of the penis.

• Difficulty passing urine.

• Weakness/loss of strength in legs.

• Fatigue.

• Loss of sexual desire.

How Is Varicocele Diagnosed?

You should see your doctor if you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms. Your doctor will perform a physical examination by checking your genitals and abdomen. He might ask about your medical history and do some tests to confirm whether you really have varicocele.

Diagnosis of varicocele includes:

• Ultrasound scan. USS uses high-frequency sound waves to examine internal organs. During ultrasound exam, your doctor inserts a small probe into your rectum and moves it over your groin region. Then he presses down firmly on your skin while moving the probe slowly across your body. Using special software, your doctor then creates images of your abdominal cavity.

• Doppler ultrasonography. DUS measures how fast blood flows within your veins using color Doppler imaging technology. Blood flowing towards your heart has higher velocity compared to blood flowing away from your heart. By measuring the difference between two points, your doctor determines the speed at which blood travels through your veins.

• Venogram. Venograms use X- ray radiation to make pictures of blood vessels inside your body. This is done by injecting dye into one of your veins. After that, your doctor injects another dose of contrast material into your vein so that his team can take more detailed photos of your veins.

Varicocelectomy Surgery For Varicocele Treatment

If left untreated, varicocele can cause infertility problems. Surgical treatment involves removing swollen veins from the pampiniform plexus. In most cases, surgery is performed under general anesthesia. You are usually discharged after 24 hours following surgery.

The success rate of surgical repair varies depending upon the size of the varices and their location. However, there is always a chance of recurrence. Therefore, follow-up visits are recommended every 6 months for 2 years.

Complications of Varicocele

The complications that varicocele can cause are listed below:

1) Infertility – A man who experiences pain due to varicocele may not be able to father children.

2) Damage to sperm cells – When the veins become dilated, they squeeze the surrounding tissue. This causes swelling and inflammation. It also leads to scarring of tissues. Scarred areas prevent the proper movement of sperm cells.

3) Kidney failure – Due to back pressure caused by varicocele, kidney function becomes impaired. If this condition continues, it could lead to renal damage or even death.

4) Heart disease – The increased strain placed on the heart during exercise increases the risk of developing coronary artery diseases such as angina.

5) High cholesterol levels – Increased flow of blood through enlarged veins raises the level of cholesterol in the bloodstream. As a result, arteries get clogged with plaque deposits. These blockages restrict the supply of oxygen and nutrients to vital parts of the body.

How Does Varicocele Embolization Work?

If you notice a varicose vein in your testicle, you may be wondering, “Is this condition dangerous?” A varicose vein in the testicle, known as a varicocele, is not always harmful to your health but can sometimes cause testicular pain or other unwelcome symptoms. A varicocele may even affect your fertility or testosterone production. Read on to learn more about potential health risks associated with this condition.

Treatment of a Varicocele

Treatment options include surgery, sclerotherapy, laser therapy, medication and compression stockings. Surgery involves removing the varicose veins through small incisions in the groin area. Sclerotherapy uses injections into the affected areas to destroy the abnormal vessels. Laser therapy uses heat energy to shrink the veins. Compression stockings provide support around the ankles to prevent further damage to the veins. Medication includes drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, estrogen creams, and herbal remedies.

Homeopathy Treatment of Varicocele

The Homeopathy Treatment of Varicocele from Welling Homeopathy Clinics can help you cure varicocele completely and permanently without surgery. Our experience of 18 years in the treatment of varicocele for pain relief and also for infertility treatment has taught us that the earlier you start the treatment, the better it is for your long-term health and treatment outcome.

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