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Can Lichen Planus Cause Cancer?

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[kkstarratings] Can Lichen Planus cause cancer is not as much an important question, as is how to get rid of Lichen plants early. Any disease if left untreated because the symptoms disappear eventually can lead to some other complications in some other part. So its better to opt for a treatment for lichen planus thats safe and sure to cure completely and permanently.

So Can Lichen Planus Cause Cancer?

While lichen planus is not considered a “serious” disease, it is linked to several types of cancer. For example, women who have lichen planus in the vulva or vagina have an increased risk of developing vulvar cancer, a cancer that typically presents no symptoms. That is why it is essential that women who are diagnosed with lichen planus of the vagina or vulva get examined twice a year.

Lichen planus also increases your risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma, which can be mistaken for bullous lichen planus by the untrained eye. Have your physician evaluate ANY changes in the appearance or texture of a lichen planus rash immediately. Left untreated, squamous cell carcinoma can spread causing serious and potentially life-threatening complications.

The World Health Organization actually defines oral lichen planus as a “precancerous condition” because it is associated with an increased risk of oral cancer. According to researchers, years after the signs and symptoms have gone away, cancer can still appear. As with vulvar cancer, the symptoms of oral cancer can be mistaken for a new outbreak of lichen planus; this is why it is essential that after diagnosis you have regular checkups with your dentist.

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