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Join over 30,500 couples from 108 countries who conceived naturally and saved over 90% of their IVF treatment cost.

Just fill the form and start your online consultation instantly.

Start your consultation from any place, globally and our experienced Homeopathic specialist will analyse your details and personalise the treatment for you. We have hired some of the best Homeopathy doctors in the town to help you get started with your treatment.

Your customised treatment and medicines are shipped to you within 48 hours

Of pre-treatment analysis by our specialists. 

The Treatment Process

Choose To Get Pregnant Naturally

We want you to know that you can conceive naturally, however hopeless the situation you may feel. In the last 17 years, we have had couples parenting a child with men having as low as, zero sperm count before starting the treatment and women having blocked tubes or as low AMH as 0.01. The earlier you start the treatment, the better is the success rate.

Fill the form and complete the payment

Fill the form, choose the root cause if diagnosed already. And complete the payment formalities.

Fill The Detailed Questionnaire

Login with the details sent to you on registering. Fill the pre-treatment analysis form in as much detail as possible. The treatment will be chalked out for you based on the details you fill here.

Video Call With The Specialist

Our specialists will decide if any additional information is required based on the questionnaire your fill. Accordingly a video call would be planned with you.

Treatment is Customised And Shipped

Within 48 hours of starting the treatment or on the same day of the pre-treatment analysis, our specialists chalk out a detailed treatment which includes Homeopathy Treatment, specific dietary and nutritional advice & yoga postures to help you conceive naturally at the earliest.

Receive Your Medicines & Start YOUR Treatment

Once you receive the medicines, read the process of taking medicines in detail. If required, we are always available to clear any query you may have. Start the medications as mentioned in the leaflet.  Stay in touch with us for regular follow-ups and monitoring.

Get Pregnant Naturally

Depending on the cause of infertility you may need more than one cycle to conceive naturally. 62% men and women get success within the first cycle of treatment. That is within the first 6 months.

How Welling Homeopathy Can Help You Get Pregnant Naturally?

  • First and the largest Homeopathic infertility clinic in the world with satisfied patients from 108 countries,
  • The treatment helps husband, wife or both to cure the root cause that’s causing infertility,
  • 60% of our patients who visit us have had an average of two failed IVF cycles before visiting us to get pregnant, so, why delay the decision?
  • Cost-effective treatment that works in helping you get pregnant naturally,
  • Gentle, non-hormonal medicines without any side effects, safer for mother and baby,
  • As high as 65% success rate after the first treatment cycle of 6 months, sadly this reduces with every delay in starting the treatment and advancing age,
  • Our natural Homeopathy medicines treat the root cause of infertility in men and women that is causing the difficulty in pregnancy, removing which can lead to natural pregnancy quickly.

Compared The Treatments

Homeopathy Assisted Reproduction Therapy IVF & Other Artificial Treatment
1 Natural Proven Medicines, Tailor-Made For You Hormonal Medicines & Injections
2 62% Success rate in first cycle 22% Success rate in first cycle
3 Cannot work if husband and wife live in different cities. IVF treatment can help such couples
4 No Hospital visits before pregnancy Multiple Hospital visit required
5 Root cause of Infertility cured No change with the cause of Infertility
6 One treatment cycle lasts for 6 months One treatment cycle lasts one ovulation
7 Medicines for Azoospermia ( Zero Count) Donor sperms advised usually
8 Medicines To Increase Low AMH May need donor eggs from another lady
9 Natural Treatment for blocked fallopian tubes Surgery advised with risk of scarring post-surgery
10 Treatment is possible only till menopause Success even after menopause possible
11 Online consultation & online ordering possible Need to personally visit hospital and clinic.
12 Treatment possible even before planning for pregnancy to help in pregnancy in future. Treatment leads to pregnancy or failure.
13 Save upto 90% of usual IVF cost. Price starts Rs.35,000 / treatment cycle of 6 months Starting Rs. 3,50,000 – 9,00,000 / treatment cycle
14 Can be paid with partial and part payments. More than 10 times our treatment cost including medicines
15 More Satisfaction & Happiness of natural pregnancy ( Reviews from our past patients ) No data available with us.

Another Positive Google Review – Another Happy Mother ( LOW AMH )

Testimony - Low AMH Natural Treatment

Failed IVF Treatment? Or Facing Difficulty Conceiving Naturally, Inspite of Trying Everything?

Save time, money and get your confidence back. Choose Welling Homeopathy treatment as your first option.

In the past 20 years, we have regularly consulted patients with repeatedly failed IVF cycles from the prominent IVF centres in India and abroad, eventually conceiving naturally with our speciality Homeopathy treatment. Homeopathy Assisted Reproductive Treatment ( HART) gently stimulates the natural processes in male and female reproduction system to help your own body correct the imbalances and repair the natural conception process.

We have built an online consultation and treatment platform with a cutting edge technology and multi-layered security to replicate the same experience that a patient gets when visiting Welling Clinic in Mumbai. Our team of doctor will deliver the same quality online,  for which we have won accolades internationally especially the prestigious quality management award in International Quality Convention at Geneva.

Our treatment is a painless & a natural alternative to IUI and IVF, that has proven to be extremely effective for close to a decade at Welling Clinic.  The treatment can be very effective in tackling various causes of infertility in both male and female. Compared to conventional treatments, both hormonal and artificial insemination, Our speciality Homeopathy treatment protocol has a far better success rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How early can I conceive after I start my treatment from Welling Clinic ?

The medicines start working as soon as you start the treatment. Your conceiving will depend on various factors including your age, the number of IVF cycles that have damaged your body, the egg reserves, the normalcy of your monthly menses. In men it can depend on childhood illnesses, the current sperm count etc. We offer our treatment in cycles and each cycle lasts for 6 months.

How many treatment cycles I may need?

We hope you may need only one cycle of 6 months, but depending on your cause of not conceiving, you may need more than one cycle. Usually, problems in men regarding zero or low sperm count can take more time to rectify than in women. We have had woman conceiving in as early as 2 months to as delayed as 4 treatment cycles. Our treatment has rarely failed, as long as the medicines are taken regularly and without a break.

Our Success rate

  • In the first treatment cycle of 6 months – 64% of couples conceive naturally.
  • At the end of the second treatment cycle – 72% of couples conceive naturally.
  • By the 3rd treatment cycle – 78% of couples conceive naturally.

What are the side-effects of the treatment on me?

No known side-effects has been reported of our fertility treatment protocol in the past 12 years from any of our patients, globally.

Is your speciality homeopathy treatment for infertility really successful?

Considering the number of couples conceive naturally every year with our speciality treatment, that we are sure, you will surely get some one from your city who has conceived naturally with our treatment in one of the online infertility forum. Do search and confirm before your start your treatment.

How do I start the treatment?

You can get the benefits of our speciality treatment anywhere in the world through our online consultation platform. We have implemented the latest security features and intelligent online technology to offer our unique treatment protocol to you in the comfort of your home and get your medicines delivered to you globally. Just fill the form below to start instantly.

Our on-line platform for the consultation, analysis & treatment for infertility offers a customized program suitable for online consultation.

Each cycle of HART protocol last for 6 months & includes :

  • Each cycle of HART includes 6 months of consultation and monitoring.
  • In-depth study: Collection of your case-details and case history through a specially designed questionnaire to be filled in online.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the case-details to know the root cause, by a team of specialists consisting of experienced Homeopathic consultants on the panel.
  • A booklet with detailed instructions regarding the names of Homeopathy medicines, the process of taking them, dietary advice and nutritional supplements that need to be taken and yoga posture will be sent to you through post and soft-copy through email.
  • Every three months evaluation will be made by our consultants depending on our pre-fixed parameters.
  • Online support will be valid for 6 months after initial consultation or as per the treatment duration choosen.
  • Online support as and when needed is available 5 days in a week through video chat, email and phone, with a 24 hours prior appointment.

What  is the refund procedure?

Once consultation / treatment cost is paid, we don’t offer refund.

Get Started Now

We advise you to start early, as you may need longer treatment duration to conceive as your age progresses.

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