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How Long Does Lichen Planus Last?

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How Long Does Lichen Planus Last without treatment?

Lichen planus is not a curable condition. However, when it affects the skin it usually clears within several  years. Although it is unusual for the rash to last longer than 18 months, some people find it can last up to two years. However, lichen planus persists longer in a small number of people who are severely affected. This is mostly in people who develop lichen planus mouth ulcers and lichen planus of the vulva or penis.

For lichen planus of the skin, once the rash has cleared, about 1 in 5 affected people have a recurrence sometime in the future. A small number of people have several recurrences.

If lichen planus affects nails or hair, any damage such as bald patches or destroyed nails is permanent.

People with lichen planus have a slightly higher than average chance of developing other inflammatory diseases.

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How Long Does Lichen Planus Last With Homeopathy Treatment?

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