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Migraine: Treatment For Complete CURE

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Specially Formulated Homeopathy Treatment That Can CURE Migraine Completely & Permanently.

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Proven Treatment Protocol To Help Migraine and Tension Headaches Get CURED.

Welling Homeopathy Clinics

Migraine and Tension Headache Pain Relief Program

Over the last 17 years, we’ve focused our office on helping Migraine and Tension Headache Sufferers get relief by helping them relieve the tension caused in the upper back and neck that contributes to the onset of their headaches.

After working with hundreds of Migraine and Tension headache Cases, we’ve developed a treatment protocol that is specifically built to help you get relief fast, but also help you get rid of the things that are causing the headache. Very often we are able to help patients do a few simple things in their personal life that have a drastic effect on their headaches. 

The Secret to our Treatment protocol is that it gets rid of the musculoskeletal causes while we help you systematically get rid of other external factors that are contributing to the headaches.

Our Special Treatment Protocol uses a combination of specially formulated Homeopathy treatment for you, as well as a Diet and Yoga Postures.

The Carefully selected Homeopathy medicines for migraine treatments and prevention protocols (diet and exercise) can help you stop the painful processes that are going on in your head before they become an even bigger issue. Our Migraine and Tension Headache Treatment Protocol works so well because we help your body overcome the processes causing the stress as we help you change the diet and habits that contribute to making the headaches worse. All of this is Done in a Gentle and Safe Way.

Our success rate with headaches is based on the fact that we always allow your body to do what it needs to do. No two patient’s conditions are alike and we make sure that we treat each person as such. This is critical in making sure that you heal as quickly as possible, while staying safe.

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What Our Patients Say?

  1. MAHENDRA SINGH-Severe vomiting and headache would be at least 4-5 times a month, I was diagnosed with migraine.With welling treatment, now there is a vast improvement.
  2. My migraine headaches have shown very good improvement. I felt attack once or twice but with very low intensity. I usually get attacks when I have a load of work. I am feeling much improvement.
  3. HARISH MISHRA-I have felt a lot better in my rashes, redness has reduced since starting the medicine. I am very happy with Welling Homoeopathy.
  4. GEMS FERNANDES-I am really grateful to doctors at Welling, there sincere medical advice and treatment helped me a lot.
  5. ARYAN PANDEY-Thanks to doctors at welling, I am feeling well, my Migraine headaches have significantly improved.
  6. RAMESH JADHAV-I had a history of migraine for the last 15 years and would suffer headaches every week. Homeopathy was my last option. After starting Welling Homeopathy treatment, within 11 months my headaches were gone.
  7. BILAS PAREKH-Since I started the treatment the intensity of the pain has become less. Feeling better with the use of medicines.
  8. KUSHAL MEHER-I was referred to welling clinic by a friend of mine who himself got cured of recurrent headaches. I started with homeopathy. My migraine is almost gone.
  9. NISHAD KHAN-My migraine attack has reduced and come monthly now. It reduced my recurrence. Thanks to Welling.
  10. POONAM MEHTA-Before treatment I was suffering from a one-sided headache the pain was severe. I visited welling clinics and discussed with the doctor. Now I am really better.
  11. DIVYANKA KUMARI-The frequency of headaches has reduced by 30%. I am happy with my improvement.
  12. BHARAT BALKRISHNA-The pain is a lot better and frequency of headaches has gone down so well, it improved my overall life quality.

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