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Patient Reviews IBS

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Welling Homeopathy Reviews

What our patients say – IBS Treatment Reviews

  1. SUMIT MEHTA-I have been taking the medicine you sent , I am much better ,my constipation reduced a lot .Thanks.
  2. AKASH G-It really helped in my IBS symptoms , now I have a healthy life Thank you for being so kind.
  3. MANTESH ANWAR-My problem is almost negligible now, I’m feeling good. I am satisfied with welling homoeopathy on-line treatment , for my IBS .
  4. SURAJ DABGOTRA-I was suspicious to begin with, as I never treated myself on-line. I am very much pleased with welling homoeopathy treatment now.
  5. SUHAS GARGOTE-No stomach pain since last 6 month, I feel so calm now . But as advised by the doctor here Ill complete my entire treatment .
  6. JACOB DSOUZA-The diarrhea has stopped. No more fatigue or lethargy. Thankyou welling clinics.
  7. ANA FERNANDES-Considerable improvement , IBS is 70% diminished. My stools are more regular now.
  8. SANDEEP SHARMA-It’s great; I was suffering from IBS since past 5 years. Tried all kind of treatment Then came to know about welling homoeopathy from my co-workers. I started treatment , it worked in just few months.
  9. NATRAJ RAGMAN- Was diagnosed with IBS few months back , my previous homeopathy treatment was not much helpful. But treatment at welling clinics showed me changes immediately .am still continuing .
  10. 10- KRISHNA AIYAR-I have seen improvement, the pain in my stomach is less intense. Infact my bowel habits have improved too.
  11. DEPAK PATEL-Initially I took treatment for hairfall here , which gave me nice results . After getting diagnosed with IBS , I knew where I had to go , and I must say I am not disappointed .
  12. MEENA UPADYAY-It took time for my constipation but I have very well responded to the treatment taken. The diarrhea of my son has reduced to such a great extent as if he has never suffered it. 
  13. CHAITALI BATLIWALA-In general it is good, symptoms get relieved in just 2 months. Thank you doctors at welling clinics.
  14. MASOOD KHAN-My appetite improved, constipation faded away , no signs of abnormal weakness.