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Patient Reviews Psoriasis

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Welling Homeopathy Reviews

What our patients say – Psoriasis Treatment Reviews

  1. MANOJ PILLAI -My scalp psoriasis, was better by 50% in just 10 months at welling clinics.
  2. K SUBHAS-I stopped all my allopathic medicines after getting treated from here, I have much relief and will continue your treatment.
  3. PRITI AHUJA-I came to welling 1 year back, the Eczema spots on my forehead are almost gone.
  4. SEEMA BANERJEE-I have not suffered any rash now since 3 months, welling homoeopathy treatment is great.
  5. GITIKA PATIL-I suffered psoriasis for nearly 3 years, it involved my whole hands, and welling medicines have worked very well for me. I got completely relief of Psoriasis in 8 months.
  6. RAM JHA-With 10 months of treatment, I have reduced itching and flare-ups, hope for more improvement, I now truly belief in doctors here at welling clinics.
  7. SANKET LOKHRE-The doctors and the staff at welling are very polite , they explain you about your disease in details , I was advised for a long term treatment form my psoriasis of 2 years, however I could see changes in just 3 months , I really trust them now.
  8. MANDAR MAYEKAR-It’s been 11 months of my treatment , drastic improvement in my condition , I have not got such good results in any of my earlier treatments , I am highly satisfied will recommend it to others .
  9. PRANALI DESHPANDE-Doctors over here explain you the scope of treatment very nicely, my treating doctor was very cooperative, they explained me to give sometime to my disease and there treatment, I trusted them and with little time and patience it worked wonders.
  10. PRAKASH DUBEY-This itching and red patches were killing me 2 years back , I got to know about welling clinics through their website .I started their treatment online , Since then I am feeling constant relief , my itching reduced by 80% in just few months , and slowly I started seeing my patches fading!!
  11. NIHALI RAI-My daughter was suffering this since 13 years of age, I could not see her pain. I got associated with welling since past 2 years, and since then she is constantly on the road of improvement.
  12. ARCHANA- GAIKWAD-I have very good result with the treatment. Now my full family is here for treatment.
  13. FARHEEN HUSSAIN-I responded to the psoriasis treatment at welling nicely it got cleared in just few months. IMRAN NAQWI-Treatment here is pain free and hassle free, a really good experience.
  14. NARENDRA PANDEY-They helped me in my psoriasis for one year, now I am getting treated so that it does not relapse.