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Refund Policy

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Please read the below refund policy clearly, before starting any treatment with Welling Clinic. When you start your treatment with Welling Clinic, it is understood that you have read the refund policy and have accepted them to proceed with our treatment.

For speciality treatments including infertility, cancer and grave pathological illnesses, we chalk out the treatment for a minimum period of 6 months.  Hence we cannot offer refund for speciality treatments mentioned below:

  1. Any Cancer Treatments,
  2. Infertility Treatment,
  3. Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment.

For general treatments, we offer the following refund terms:

  • Canceling the order before medicine dispatch: 
    If you cancel your request for treatment soon after placing an order or before we process the disease details you send us in the form of a questionnaire reply, handling charges (as under) will be deducted.For all treatments it will be 10% of the treatment cost. 
  • Cancelling the order after we dispatch medicine :In case you are not satisfied with our treatment we can refund your amount after deduction of 10% of treatment cost towards admin and initial pre-treatment analysis and for the un-dispatched medicines only. Cost for already dispatched medicines cannot be refunded as they are packed specifically for you and are practically useless to us.
  • For all advance payment options, we convert the patient treatment duration to monthly payment option and accordingly calculate amount for refund.
  • It may be noted that such a refund is made towards assuring the patients of our online services. Chronic diseases may obviously take long time to show initial response and hence its best you make an informed decision before starting any treatment from us instead of expecting unnatural results.
  • For renewal treatment, we don’t offer refunds, as you have experienced the benefits of our treatment and hence renewing the treatment.
  • Refund policy is subject to change without prior notice.

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