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Welling Clinic, Welling Homeopathy and Dr.Welling’s treatment protocols are fully owned and managed by Welling Healthcare Private Limited. Dr.Welling’s Treatment Protocol are patent pending, extensively researched treatment protocols for specific diseases.

Welling Healthcare Private Limited is a privately owned healthcare company established in 2010. The company aims to establish a standardized quality of healthcare facility through its multiple clinic set-up. The company has started with the fastest growing healthcare science – Homeopathy as its speciality in India. Based in Mumbai, it plans to have pan India set-up with completely networked clinics. We have speciality modules for various diseases under Disease Management Programs. We also cater to corporates to manage employee health through Corporate Health Programs. There is a growing demand for Homeopathy in India and abroad and with a largest available pool of talented Homeopaths in India, we plan to establish a much required & trusted brand in Homeopathy in hitherto vastly un-organized Homeopathic sector here. We are already the fastest growing healthcare start-up in Homeopathic Science today.