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Treatment of Motor Neuron Disease

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Welling Homeopathy Reviews

Experience transformative care at Welling Homeopathy as we tackle Motor Neuron Disease with our cutting-edge, tailor-made Homeopathy treatment protocol. Our exceptional Homeopathy treatment for motor neuron disease can help in stopping and relieving the symptoms of Motor neuron disease like

  • muscle aches, cramps, twitching.
  • clumsiness, stumbling.
  • weakness or changes in hands, arms, legs and voice.
  • slurred speech, swallowing or chewing difficulty.
  • fatigue.
  • muscle wasting, weight loss.

Is there any treatment for MND in Homeopathy?

Yes, Homeopathy can help on MND – Motor neuron disease. The earlier you start the treatment for MND, the faster the treatment outcome you will notice. The treatment will stop the progression of the disease reduce the intensity of the symptoms already present.

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Motor neuron disease is a rare condition that progressively damages parts of the nervous system. This leads to muscle weakness, often with visible wasting.

Motor neuron disease, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), occurs when specialist nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord called motor neurons stop working properly. This is known as neurodegeneration

What is Motor Neuron Disease?

. Motor neurons control important muscle activity, such as:

  • gripping
  • walking
  • speaking
  • swallowing
  • Breathing.
  • As the condition progresses, people with motor neuron disease will find some or all of these activities increasingly difficult. Eventually, they may become impossible.
  • The condition can affect adults of all ages, including teenagers, although this is extremely rare. It’s usually diagnosed in people over 40, but most people with the condition first develop symptoms in their 60s. It affects slightly more men than women.
  • The end of life for someone with motor neuron disease isn’t usually distressing and is most often in their own home. In most cases, a person with the condition will die in their sleep as the end stage of gradual weakness in their breathing muscles. Although some people with the condition will have swallowing problems, they won’t choke to death.

What Causes Motor Neuron Disease?

The causes of motor neuron disease are not yet known, but ongoing research throughout the world is looking for causes.

There are many theories, including exposure to environmental toxins and chemicals, infection by viral agents, immune mediated damage, premature ageing of motor neurones, and loss of growth factors required to maintain motor neurone survival and genetic susceptibility.

Most cases of MND occur spontaneously. These are said to be sporadic – meaning occurring in scattered or isolated instances without clearly identifiable causes.

What Are The Symptoms of Motor Neuron Disease?

Symptoms and the rate of progression of motor neurone disease (MND) vary significantly from person-to-person.

Early symptoms may be mild and may include:

  • Stumbling due to weakness of the leg muscles
  • Difficulty holding objects caused by weakness of the hand muscles
  • Slurring of speech or swallowing difficulties due to weakness of the tongue and throat muscles
  • Cramps and muscle twitching.(Fasciculation’s)

As the disease progresses symptoms may include:

  • Breathing difficulties from decreased lung capacity caused by muscle weakness
  • Fatigue caused by muscle exhaustion, metabolic changes, weight loss and reduced food intake, decreased lung capacity
  • Insomnia caused by discomfort, pain from stiff joints and muscles, excessive saliva, dry mouth or breathing problems
  • Mild changes in cognitive skills and processes and/or behavioral change
  • Fronto-temporal cognitive changes (a type of dementia), which is prominent in 5-10% of MND cases
  • Excessive laughing or crying due to damage to the upper motor neurons.
  • Homeopathy treatment of motor neuron disease

Complications for Motor Neuron Disease

  • Progressive bulbar palsy results in dysphagia, the risk of aspiration pneumonia, and mutism
  • Muscular wasting and weakness may occur
  • Parkinsonism may develop in some patients
  • Dyspnea and hypoxic encephalopathy may be related positional and can interfere with reclining for sleep.

Prognosis for Motor Neuron Disease

Progressive dementia with symptoms of executive dysfunction, personality change, and motor weakness leads to severe morbidity. Death usually occurs within 3 years of onset from inanition, pulmonary failure, and aspiration.

Patients with FTD/MND generally follow a more rapid course than do patients with either FTD or MND alone. They are more likely to have a bulbar form of MND, which may help to explain its more aggressive course.

Which Is The Best Treatment of Motor Neuron Disease?

There is currently no known cure for motor neurone disease. Treatment is aimed at easing symptoms and compensating for the loss of mobility, swallowing and speech problems, for example. A medication called riluzole has been shown to improve patient survival in some cases but the treatment cannot stop disease progression. Most people who develop this condition do not survive beyond three to four years from the start of symptoms, although some patients survive for up to ten years or more.

Does Homeopathy Work In Motor Neuron Disease ?

Yes, Homeopathy works for people suffering from MND.

As the disease varies from person to person in signs and symptoms and the treatment should be based on the individual approach where the homeopathy can work the best .

A well selected remedy can slow the neurodegneration can provide a better quality of life. It can extend the life expectancy of an individual by halting the progression of the disease.

It can possibly increase the strength and power of the muscles if the treatment is started at the early age, if the Rx is started at the early stage.

If the disease is progressed to the bulbar palsy it can reduce the distress of the pt and slow down the dependence upon the machine or mechanical intervention which is introduced to support breathing

Therefore homeopathy should be introduced at the early stage when the disease is diagnosed so that we can delay the complications of the disease and improve daily basic activites of life like running walking etc so that the dependency is reduced.

Homeopathy Medicines for Motor Neuron Disease

The most common Homeopathy medicines prescribed for MND in the last 12 years are Lathytus Sativus , Naja , Arnica, Medorrhium , Syphilium  , Gelselium,  Phosphorous and  Physostigma.

Call +91 8080 850 950 to book an appointment or to consult and order online. Consult our specialists today for a detailed evaluation and to start your customised Homeopathy treatment of Motor Neuron Disease.

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