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What Does Lichen Planus Look Like?

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[kkstarratings] The rash is composed of shiny, 3-5mm, slightly raised purple-red spots. An good look is needed to observe that the irregular white streaks that lie on the flat surface of some of them. The stains arise most often on the fronts of the wrists, around the knees and also on the lower back, but can spread more widely. In addition, lichen planus sometimes comes up in lines in which the skin was scratched or cut.

What does other types of lichen planus look like?

Other types of lichen planus include a thickened (‘hypertrophic’) lichen planus, which tends to affect the shins, and a ring-shaped (‘annular’) lichen planus, which usually comes up in the creases such as the armpits. Lichen planus occasionally appears on the scalp where it can cause hair loss, or may damage the nails (thinning and grooving of the nail plate), though this is rare.

Lichen planus is common in the mouth and is present in about 30-70% of those who have it on their skin (see patient information leaflet for Oral Lichen Planus).

Lichen planus can affect the penis in men, causing purple-coloured or white ring-shaped patches. Unlike other patches of lichen planus, these often do not itch. Lichen planus can affect the genital area in women too, but this is less common.

Most patients with lichen planus clear up within 18 months and usually stay clear, although some have a second episode many years later. Unfortunately some types of lichen planus, such as oral, hair or nail involvement, can last for many years. Even after the active lichen planus has cleared up, pigmented stains in the skin may persist for a long time, particularly in Asian or Afro-Caribbean skin.

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