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Why Homeopathy Is the Best For You?

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Welling Homeopathy Reviews

Efficacy, existence, actions, uncertainties, reservations…. Why Homeopathy? – always been a question of debate. People who take it, knows homeopathy works, people who don’t say its placebo.

  1. In this scientific era of technology one should believe on facts and evidences. Statistics say day by day followers and believers of homeopathy are increasing. Many patients are taking homeopathy as main stream medicines. It’s no longer an alternative therapy. In the last year alone 35% of people from the cities in India chose Homeopathy over conventional medicine.
  2. Philosophy and principles of homeopathy are based on nature’s laws. Medicines are prepared from natural substances of plant, animal and elemental sources.
  3. Homeopathy is the only treatment where medicines are proved on healthy human beings and then used for treatment of various diseases.
  4. Homeopathy is a holistic science which cures patients relieving their illness and tendencies permanently and not merely palliate their sufferings temporarily.
  5. May it be acute (short term illness) like fever, cold- cough , gastric issues or Chronic (long term illness) like hormonal imbalance , gynecological complaints, cancer homeopathy has often proved its efficacy with evidence base being investigations during the course of treatment.

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